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It is the policy of
Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology® to grant admission to qualified applicants in accordance with the School’s non-discrimination policy. An applicant who fulfills admission requirements is given every possible consideration given the capacity limits of our classroom facilities.

Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology® endeavors to admit students whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve academic success in the academic program they intend to pursue. Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology® seeks students who are strongly motivated to excel in school, and who are prepared to accept and fulfill classroom responsibilities.

Applicants for admission must have graduated from an approved secondary school or have earned a state equivalency diploma prior to their enrollment at Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology®.  In addition, all programs require that a prospective student pass a skill assessment examination before enrollment. Applicants must present academic records and standardized test scores, which the School believes demonstrate achievement and ability commensurate with curricular expectations.



Admissions Procedures

Students seeking admission to Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology’s Programs should follow these recommended procedures:

1.   Send a completed application to the Admissions Office along with a $35 application fee.

       Mailing Address:   Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology
                                        One Kiski Avenue
                                        Leechburg, PA  15656

 Email Address:      Admissions@micropowerit.com

2.   Be interviewed by a member of the school staff to ensure the applicant is informed as to the nature of the training provided and that the applicant understands the program’s responsibilities and demands.

3.   The school must certify the applicants successful completion of a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma.

4.   Applicant must achieve a successful score on the pre-enrollment examination pertaining to the Program for which they are enrolling. (See Programs of Study)

5.   Complete an Enrollment Agreement with the help of the schools Admissions Officer.

6.   The School Director will make the final determination of acceptance or rejection based upon the criteria as set forth in this procedure.



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